I’m In the Nude for Love….

Honoured indeed to be asked for the third year to open the popular Naturist Jazz & Real Ale Fest 2016 on Friday June 24th with my quintet.  This is a wonderful and quite different festival with lots of great artists from across the jazz spectrum – and lots of great beers.  The band will be Tim Husskisson on reeds, piano and wide-brimmed hat; John Coverdale, guitar;  Brett Neveill on bass and the languid Rod Brown on drums.  It’s a great-hearted festival with none of the nerdy critical intensity of some occasions.  I guess it’s difficult to be overly precious with out yer clothes on…http://jazzfestival2016.com/naturist-foundation-jazz-festival/

PS to reassure the wary; horrified or simply concerned, The Andy Dickens Quintet will probably appear fully clothed.  Probably.

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